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The Movie

An exclusive independent art movie 

The Underground Sistine Chapel is a documentary film that follows the construction of a modern Sistine Chapel, by Pascal Boyart, in the heart of a former gold foundry in an impoverished corner of the suburbs of Paris.

Directed by Yohann Grignou & Antoine Breuil, founders at Samouraï Coop, this independent movie has been funded with cryptocurrencies, and will be released on censorship-resistant networks and available for free on decentralized web.

This movie is giving birth to 200 original NFTs, providing exclusive rare collectibles from this movie production.

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The Movie



March, 2020

Brainstorming with Pboy about the project

May, 2020

Pre-Production & Writing Start (1 month)

June, 2020

Movie Shooting Started (8 months)

January, 2021

Post-Production Started (4 months)

Edit, Post-Production,Color Grading, Sound Mix, Original Music composition, NFTs creation & Bonus

June, 14

Onboarding start on !

This step is dedicated to Minty Opening! Live on Polygon network! Be ready to become a patron & support creation.  
Exclusively on Platform

June,  21

NFTs Pre-Sale Round #1 & #2 allow you to participate to art funding before its minted, and become a patron, receiving rewards on second markets for supporting creation!  

Exclusively on Platform

June, 28

NFTs Pre-Sale Round #3

Last Round of Sale! With Directors cuts, Original Soundtrack, Limited Score, and Official Minutes!
Exclusively on Platform

June, 24

Online Avant-Première for NFT Holders

NFTs Holders will receive a private link to watch the movie.
They'll also be invited to an online AMA with Directors.
The Discord server will host some discussions about the film.

June, 25

Physical Avant-Première @ Grand Rex Paris

discord icon.png

A private Avant-Première in a cinema, restricted access.

Samouraï Discord Server will also offer informations for community invitations, and you're welcome to join.

June, 27

The Official Public delivery on Internets

The film will be delivered for free, for all, even in dictatorship countries thought the IPFS Network, and it will also be available on Samouraï TV.
The movie will start its own life, and will be presented for Film Festivals.

NFT holders will also receive informations about our upcoming projects.

The Story


The Gold Foundry

A strange place for an art masterpiece.

This is a documentary about a place that exists out of time, out of sight, drawing together people whose stories are as varied as they are fiercely non-comformist.


This former gold foundry on the outskirts of Paris is living its thousandth life, by dint of its uncompromising acceptance of those who’ve made it their home, studio, workshop – or sometimes a rap video set, thanks to its dense “street” vibe.


The massive scale of the project this film documents doesn’t surprise anyone at the foundry – nor does much else. The day after a knife fight, the wounded party shrugs off the injury and carries on with his daily routine.

The inhabitants actively defend their community’s autonomy, though they leave its doors open for passing friends, clients, or the occasional influencer who shows up for a shoot.

Pascal 'Pboy' Boyart


Pascal Boyart is an artist based in Paris.
Passionate about drawing since his youth, Pascal Boyart grew up in Paris near La Chapelle, the birthplace of European graffiti.


So it’s natural, as a graffiti artist, that he began his journey by making a name in the midst of urban art. His figurative style and technical virtuosity quickly gained him the respect of his peers. Thus, for nearly fifteen years, he covered the walls of the capital with his ultra-realistic frescoes.

From this urban background, Pascal Boyart retains an obvious fascination for monumental portraits.
Today, he concentrates on the representation of the gaze and the exploration of his expressive potential.

He pays tribute to the infinite complexity of the human face's relation to the soul, the latter being both the most essential but also the most hidden part of each individual.


In the same way as his creative approach, which is as much an inheritance of urban culture as classical sensibility, his approach to painting combines new technologies with traditional painting techniques.

He is notably the first mural painter to affix a Bitcoin QR code to his paintings for donations.

He is also the first to have transformed his murals into digital collectibles, called "NFT".

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Non-fungible Tokens

Film Collectibles

An exclusive Movie NFTs Series 

With this movie, Samouraï Coop decided to explore a new model fitting perfectly with its vision of the future, and with Pascal's approach of art. We wanted to offer this movie as a free for all present for all, on decentralized internets, and offer a new experience for people who would like to support the film. 

This pre-sale is a world first : Join it here!

From Rare Cards or Directors Cuts, to Early Access & Avant-Première Tickets, the film gives birth to more than 200 rare collectibles that are available in a pre-sale exclusively on the brand new platform pioneering digital patronage :

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June, 21

The Story
Pascal Boyart

Film Directors

Yohann Grignou & Antoine Breuil

« As directors & filmmakers, we wanted to document the work of an international artist whose approach goes against the grain of contemporary art. To tell the story of this major work by Pascal Boyart, it seemed obvious to us that we had to build a different experience, a different film, outside the frame.

We have a deep respect for his artist vision, and wanted to create a film that fits with it.

We wanted to have total freedom both in our creative process and in the distribution of this film.
We are young french directors, dreaming of cinema since our young ages, and we wanted to radically free ourselves from the traditional circuit of funding and distribution of cinema in France and in the world.
Offering this film for free was also the big challenge, for our little company.
Exploring something new, and jump into a big challenge with our own tools, just like Pascal was doing with this amazing challenge.


Why NFTs ? The decentralized Internet represents for us as well as for Pascal, a future track in our freedom to make films, and this film represents for us an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the uses. We now know that our next films at Samouraï Coop will be funded and created with a decentralized vision of its productions, and it’s exciting to be part of this revolution.

Now, whatever tools we used, the only thing important for us, is that movie, and we hope people will enjoy it as much as we were skin in the game, with all our love and energy in. »


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Yohann Grignou
Director & Editor


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Antoine B.
Director & Author


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Join our community. 

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Production Company
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